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Carp Fishing has evolved massively over the last 20 years and so has Carp Bait. Boilies, pop-ups, Pellets, ground baits etc are full of the food sources carp crave. Boilies are packed with, amino acids, milk proteins, yeast and a lot more so you've got a chance to.

At CPS Tackle we have a huge selection of Boiles, Shelf Life and Freezer Baits from Top Bait Companies like Mainline Baits, Sticky Baits, CC Moore, Nash Baits, Dynamite Baits, Urban Baits, BaitTech and others. We also have a huge selection of Pop-ups, Wafters, Dumbbell Hooker, Pellets and Groundbaits. Sticky Baits Krill has been a massive success since its launch and is responsible for the capture of some of the most sort after carp in the UK and Europe.

Sticky Baits has recently released the very popular, Manilla Bait Range. Sticky Baits also does a Bloodworm boilie that sells well but their biggest seller by far is The Krill boilie range. Sticky has recently released the Krill Active range that has been very popular amongst the anglers.

Another very popular carp fishing bait is CC More's Live system, with its sweet nutty flavour it will fish all year round. CC More Pacific Tuna was and Huge hit in 2016 but the Odyssey XXX is an out and out proven Carp Catching Bait and is a favourite of the long term CC Moore Baits users.

One of the most complex Boilies to hit the market is, Nash Key Cray Range. Nash's most popular boilie by far is the legendary, Scopex Squid Boilies. These are a proven big fish catcher and if you use them you can always sit confidently of getting a bite. Nash Baits also Offer value for money with their Instant Action Bait Range, with carp bait starting from as little as £2.99 also offering a buy 2 get 1 free deal.

Mainline Baits has always been top of the list for most Carp Angler, with the awesome Cell still doing the damage of many waters. Mainline Baits have recently launched, Hybrid Boilies which is a mix between Cell and Activ-8 hoping that combining their two top-selling boilie's it will create a winning formula.  Of the back of their success with the Cell the launched a carp bait called Essential Cell that has a fruity flavour but if you do use it, I found it best to wash the bait out first because it can smell quite strong. The latest flavoured boilie Mainline brought out is the Link. This has be quite popular but the Cell is the main seller. As for me if I was to choose a mainline bait, I would still prefer to use Activ-8 as this is one hell of a bait.

If you would like even more information or would like some advice on carp bait, then please get in touch!