At CPS Tackle we stock a large selection of Big Pit Carp Reels from top named companies like, Shimano, Daiwa, Fox, Nash, ESP and others. Big Pit Carp Reels came about from up tide surf reels in and around the 1970s. One of the first people to use them was Kevin Nash, who was fishing a water with huge gravel bars and snags. His problem was having to use light line around 7lb because of the size of the reel, if he went to stronger line he couldn't get enough line on the spool because of the thickness. So he bought a couple of up tide surf casting reels that he could get a few 100 meters of 15lb line on and because the abrasion resistance was higher he managed to land the fish he hooked, hence now we are all using them. I personally have used Shimano and Daiwa Big Pit Reels, both campanies produce outstanding reels that will last the test of time.Fox, Nash and ESP also produce Big Pit Reels that my customers say are very good and great value for money. My first proper set of carp reels were Shimano Aero GT Baitrunner Reels at the end of the 80's. Then I chaged to the Shimano Ultegra 10000 Big Pit Reels when they first came aout in the 90's becase I needed more distance on the cast. I have also used Daiwa ISO Big Pit reels that are a stunning reel and a pleasure to use but I have gone back to Shimano and the proud owner of 4 Shimano Black Mag's. I personally prefer Big Pit Reels because I feel they give you more advantage on casting and don't coil and twist the line up like Baitrunner or Free Spool Reels. If you prefer a Big Pit Baitrunner or Free Spool Reel, take a look at the, Shimano Longcast range, Daiwa Windcast or Crosscast range or the Fox EOS 12000 FS Reels.

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