• Cooked Particles, Hemp, Maize, Spod & Milky Zig Boat Spod mix

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

       Here at CPS Tackle we cook all our own particle fresh with no preservatives and then its frozen to lock in the goodness. We use only the highest grades of particles that we source from several manufactures, to make sure we produce the mixes to the highest quality.

    Hemp Seed

       Our High Quality Cooked Hemp Seed is amazing for attracting fish into your swim. Once the oily hemp seed is put on the spot, it not only starts leaking out all of its oily attraction on the lake bed, but also through the layers of water on its way down, creating an oily flat spot on the waters surface. Once the carp have locked onto the scent, they soon home in onto it and get the heads down hoovering the black gems. They say Cooked Hemp Seed replicates the look of water snails, but also when the fish are eating it, the crunch transfers through the water attracting other fish to the area because they think fish are feeding on a bed of water snails. 

    Tips when using Cooked Hemp

        A great edge when using hemp is to soak your boilies in the Hemp liquid, this will soften them up making them easier for carp to feed on, but also they will leak out the oily liquid for hours. Also due to the soaking process, the boilies will of soaked up that much liquid they make great hook baits. Also you can use them over the smelliest silt because they are full of hemp water  and they won't absorb much the smelly silt they are sitting on like a fresh bait would. The Hemp water is also great for mixing up Method Mix Ground Baits, giving them a great edge. Another great tip is to go to your local supermarket or food store and get some chilli flakes or chilli oil and add those because carp love it hot!

    Sticky Maize 

         Our top quality Sticky Maize is perfect to mix in with other baits or to be used on its own. In the cooking process we boil it up then simmer it down so it starts to release its starches and sugars making it go sticky so it becomes a great bait for attracting carp. Once we've finished the cooking process we allow it to cool, then pack it off straight into the freezers locking in it's awesome attractors. Maize can also stimulate bites because of it visual presents, passing carp see the yellow grains sitting on the bottom and can't resist to check the out.

    Tips when using Maize   

       A great edge when using maize, is to tip a hook bait of with a piece giving it a better visual and making it look more natural. You can also put 2 or 3 grains on your hair rig with a bit of yellow pop up foam and use it as your hook bait, I've had a lot of success with this on very hard venues where the carp how wised up to boilies. If your fishing a water with cray fish in and they are constantly affecting your boilie hook bait, try using maize as your hook bait because 99.9% of cray fish wont touch it!

    Maple Maize Spod & Bait Boat Mix   

       Our high quality Maple Maize Spod Mix has given a lot of carp anglers an edge on certain waters. With a blend of top quality small and large seed, it makes it perfect for creating that carpet of bait over the lake bed. In the cooking stage we allow the mix time for the water to get into the heart of the bigger grains making them soft and irresistible to feeding fish. Also when we do this, its releases the milky goodness of the Maples which helps not only to cloud the water up but also acts as a great attractor to draw fish into the area. Also we don't over do it on the maize because we just want to put a colour on the bottom and the maize can be easily mistaken for sweetcorn which all fish love. An advantage with using different sized seeds or grain, is the carp have to suck the bait in at different forces making it easier for your hook bait to go flying in, instead of them getting preoccupied on a fine seed that doesn't take much sucking up.

    Tips when using the Maple Maize Spod Mix  

       When using the Maple Maize Spod Mix, try baiting an area up and getting a nice bed of it down, but fish to the edge of it or up to a rod length off it. When spoding or spombing, not all baits hit the spot. Some fall short or go wide of the chosen spot, but a lot of times this is the bait the carp feed on first and don't get caught because we focus our hook bait in the middle of our baited spot. Carp start to see these larger baited areas as danger zones, especially the older wiser ones which are the ones we are normally after hoping they are bigger. Also when trying this, mix the maples and maize up on your rig because these two baits are proven carp catchers. This spod mix is also a winner when using it with a bait boat and has helped put many big carp on the bank in France and other countries as well.

    Milky Zig & Spod Mix 

      This Milky Zig mix is packed with not only small grain and seeds but also ground seeds making it very sticky and gloopy but with added milk proteins to give off an awesome cloud. When Zig Fishing you want to attract carp that are  in all different layers of the water. This milky Zig mix is great for doing this because the ground seeds really activate the mix, fizzing particles of food up and down in the layers of the water, while the whole grain and seeds make a lovely carpet of bait on the bottom. Also the milk proteins that are added to the mix not only give of a brilliant cloudy sweet scent into the water full of very fine particles, but sticks to the seed on the bottom so when the carp feed down there the reactivate the mix and start it fizzing again.

    Tips when using the Milky Zig & Spod Mix

        When Zig fishing most people pick a depth and adjust accordingly to whatever depth they feel the fish are feeding at. Never ignore the bottom though because the fine and very fine particles will work their way down there and sometimes having a bit of foam 1/2 a foot of the bottom can produce some cracking fish. You don't always have to zig fish high up in the water, just because you can see fish up there doesn't mean there aren't others at different depths and sometimes the fish you see up high are just out cruising and might not be interested in feeding . Also don't just set a zig in the middle of the cloudy baited area, get one outside of it so you have a chance of nicking a fish as its swimming in towards the cloud, hoping not to spook any that are in there.  


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  • Nash Bank Life Bivvy Heater

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

    The Nash Bivvy Heater was designed with safety in mind because there’s been far too many accidents, some fatal with gas style heaters. There’s no effect from carbon monoxide with the Nash Bivvy Heater like there is with gas appliances because they work using tea candles.

    Gas heater’s can make you very warm but you must always keep the door open because of the toxic gases given off, loosing the heat produced costing a lot of money to run it. Also when fishing in the colder month you need to acclimatise to the colder weather and if you keep yourself very warm by the use of a gas heater, it will feel twice as could when you are outside because your body won’t be used to it. Layering up with clothes is a better choice.

    The Nash Bivvy heater will take the edge off the cold in the bivvy because you can zip your bivvy door down and leave it lit using it like your central heating system at home. The Bivvy Heater is heated by 5 tea candles, which in tests didn’t register on the carbon monoxide meter, so it is very safe for you to use.

    In tests when the temperature outside was -1, the heater kept the bivvy at around 10 degrees. This made the bivvy comfortable but didn’t overheat you causing you to sweat which will make you feel cold. Also the flickering orange glow of the candles made your bivvy feel homely.

    For those of you that fish all year round with your door open or under a brolly, the heater is very effective placed between your feet whilst seated allowing the warmth to travel up the front of your body to your face. This is hugely enhanced when fishing from your bivvy, letter box style.

    The most effective way to use the Bivvy heater is to leave it lit continuously with your door zipped down. This acts like your central heating system at home, warming everything in your bivvy, like sleeping bags, luggage and other items which will maintain the wormth.

    Tests on cold windy/rainy days, temperature outside around 10 – 12 degrees, the bivvy was a true pleasure to be in. The Heater was constantly lit when awake keeping the bivvy at an ambient temperature, also the warmth was very noticeable when getting back in the bivvy from the chilling wind.

    Candle burn time of standard tea candles 4-5 hours but 8 hour tea candle can be bought

    Cost to run bivvy heater for 12 hours 90 pence

    Increase warmth in bivvy, use 2 bivvy heaters

    Add luxury with a Nash Hot Water Bottle

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  • Fishing Kevin Nash's Church Lake Part 2

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

    Well the night before the big day was finally here. I'd checked all my gear one last time then it was off to bed with the alarm set for 4.30am! As usual I hardly slept and was up and the car loaded by 4am so I started my journey down. I hadn't put much thought into how I would fish it because we were drawing for peg's at 9am and I never complicate my fishing, always keeping it within my capability when I'm fishing such a water as the Church Lake.

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  • Fishing Kevin Nash's Church Lake 2017 Part 1

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

    A couple of month's ago I was in the shop working away with my lad when my phone rang. It was James, my Nash rep, saying what are you doing May 1st to the 5th? My answer, working and slowly getting everything set in place with the shop because my fishing trip to France was fast approaching. Then the words he said made me stop in my tracks and listen, you've got a week on the Church Lake if you want it?

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  • Carp Fishing in Spring

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

    Carp Fishing in SpringIt's that time of year again when the carp are waking up and so are a lot of carp anglers, all looking forward to their new campaigns and hoping for a new P.B. Here are just a few tips to try and get your spring carp fishing off too a good start.

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  • Coloured Carp Mono or Fluorocarbon Mainlines

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

    Daiwa Tournament ST Monofil MainlineMy thoughts on coloured monofilament and fluorocarbon mainlines, what makes carp spook off lines, which colours carp can and can't see, and why my mainline of choice is 15lb Daiwa Tournament ST Monofil Mainline.

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  • Mainline Baits Cell and Activ8

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

    I have to confess from the start, that I have only started using Mainline Baits for a few years. In the 80's and 90's I was using Nutrabaits Big Fish Mix with Cranberry or Tutti Frutti flavour's added to them. Thinking back to when I used to roll my own bait, the experts in bait making always said, if you can smell the flavour it was too strong. How times have changed! 

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  • Carp Fishing in the Winter When it's White Over

    Posted on by Brandon Roberts

    With the days getting warmer and lighter nights drawing out, I needed to get out on the bank and get a bend in my rod. So into the garage to find my rig box submerged underneath my gear from last time session. Once I found it, I got started in getting some rigs tied up for my next session.  I use a standard hair rig putting a small piece of rig tubing, around 3mm long on the shank of the hook. I use rig tubing instead of silicone tubing because I find it can move easier and doesn't trap the hair.

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  • Winter Carping

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

    Winter Carp Fishing can be very testing at times and I've personally gone months through the winter without even seeing a fish. Or if I have seen them, then finding the motivation to move onto them is often hard when it's bitterly cold, chucking it down and the winds blowing a hoolie. But through the winter months, a couple of hours in the right spot is better then 24hrs in the wrong one! 

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  • Best Big Pit Carp Reels 2017

    Posted on by Keith Roberts

    CPS Tackle take a look at the best Big Pit Carp Reels of 2017 from Shimano, Daiwa, Fox and Daiwa. We give our views on the Fox FX and EOS ranges, the Emcast, Windcast, Black Widow and Emblem from Daiwa, the Nash BP offering as well as Shimano's Ultegra, and Aerlex reels.

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