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Korda Hook Safe

by Korda
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The brand new Korda Hook Safe is the ideal way to keep your hooks sharp and ready to use minimising the chance of a blunt end leading to vital runs being missed. This is the latest addition to the Korda "Safe" range which is perfectly manufactured to fit in the Korda Tackle Box, this Hook Safe itself can fit up to 67 hooks ranging from size 2-8. The trick to keeping your hooks in perfect condition is the silicone infill in the box which perfectly allows hooks to fit in without damaging them. One main advantage of the Korda Hook Box is that the box itself is made from hardened plastic to reduce the risk of the box being broken and the lid just like the others in the Korda Safe range is fully magnetic which makes for an easy opening and closing mechanism and removes the risk of snapping or breaking clips. Korda has not only created a Hook box but they've innovated one to improve upon others with theirs including a magnetic flip-up lens allowing you to check if your hook is okay for use. 

Key features

  • Keeps your hooks in perfect condition

  • Designed to neatly fit inside the Tackle Box

  • Holds up to 67 individual hooks, in sizes from 2 to 8

  • Slotted silicone insert

  • Magnet fastening

  • Built-in, flip-up magnification lens