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Korda Tackle Box

by Korda
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The Lads at Korda have done it again, by designing one of the nicest looking and and most practical, complete storage systems out there. Korda's Tackle Box has been designed to fit in it, all the terminal tackle you will need to take with you, but in the smallest box size possible. This allows it to be stowed away into, rucksacks or carryalls, without taking up much space. The tackle box is also designed to fit in a Korda Compac 220 EVA Luggage pouch. This tackle box hasn't been bought out as a replacement to the Tackle Safe, it is meant to offer more space for those longer trips, either here in the UK or abroad. Also this tackle box is perfect for those of you that just want to keep, all your terminal tackle in one place, instead of using lots of smaller boxes or pouches.

  The tackle box comes with, 29 different sized storage compartments, to house the smaller items of terminal tackle, like swivels, clips, beads and other small items. It also comes with a magnetic rig board that can hold up to, ten pre tied rigs, which are held into place with a magnetic stopper, that sits flat across the rigs holding them down. The rest of the box has compartments that can be made to fit around your gear by the way of moveable dividers. Korda has recently updated some of there new hook link spools, so they are square in shape to fit perfectly into the box. Korda will also be updating other items in round packets like, marker elastic, bait floss and other hook links as the original stock runs out. Also the new Kamakura hook boxes and the new Leader Safe and Mini Compartment Boxes perfectly.   

   Also Korda have designed, four Mini Compartment Boxes to go with the range, which are sold separately. They come in, Six, Eight, Nine and Sixteen compartment options. These boxes are ideal for storing smaller items, keeping them safe and have a curved base so they are easy to eject, to get them out. All the small boxes have been designed to fill perfectly into the Tackle Box. They have see through lids with magnetic closures to keep them shut tight.