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Korda Chod-Safe

by Korda
Original price £21.99 - Original price £21.99
Original price
£21.99 - £21.99
Current price £21.99

The Chod-Safe will be a popular addition to carp angler’s tackle over the next few weeks, with the stylish cylindrical design holding up to 28 chod sections and three Heli-Safe leaders.

A pop-out handle design lets you steam sections to achieve the perfect curve and doubles up as a compartment to hold the pins (it comes with 30 pins). In addition, the system has two different sized sections, allowing storage of long and short sections.

We’ve designed the Chod-Safe to be the ultimate storage system for chod rigs and leaders, ensuring the rigs are safe during transit and ready to go when you’re on the bank. It’s in the shops now with an RRP of £19.99.

The Chod Safe’s cousin, the Mini Rig-Safe, is also out now and offers a compact storage solution for up to 60 separate eight-inch-long rigs.