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Nash Siren R4 Digital Bite Alarm

by Nash
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Nash Siren R4 Bite Alarm has taken bite indication to the next level. Its journey started when Nash bought out the RS1 alarm which was the first bite alarm to be fitted with the incredible, Intelligent Speed-Sensing System. Then this alarm was phased out for the Siren R3 alarms that are still available today and still an awesome bit of kit for bite indication. 

    The more carp angling has advanced the more advanced technology is needed and this is why the Siren R4 has been introduced into the range. There are more people than ever carp fishing now especially all over Europe fishing in lots of different scenarios. From fishing off a boat on shoreline lakes with waves crashing in, where the weed goes from the lake bed to the surface. To fishing on a river where you don't want all the false bleeps that you will ignore even if it is a fish, or simply fishing that small pool for that one very wary carp you want to know that every sound of the alarm counts, and that's where the Siren R4 comes into its own. 

  The R4 Bite Alarm still has the iconic Speed-Sensing roller wheel that will monitor the speed in which the line is monitored on the speed it moves over 1 or 2cm per second depending on the sensitivity. If it detects different speed movements it will respond to it as a fish action and sound but if not it won't give a false indication but will keep monitoring the movement. The R4 has now been fitted with a Drop Back alert that when it detects your line slackening and your indicator lowering down to take up the slackline it will give off a decreasing audible tone so you can hear it is different from the standard take.

   The R4 also has another two sensitivity settings, with Wave Sensing technology which is ideal for those fishing vast lakes where the wave can build up and crash in on your line creating false indication. Or if you are fishing from a boat and it's bobbing up and down causing the line to tighten and slacken off which will cause the alarm to activate, this setting helps to eliminate that. Depending on which of the wave sensing setting you use the alarm will allow 15 or 30cm of line to be pulled out until the R4 will activate and sound alerting you of fish activity. Once the alarm is triggered it will instantly switch over to the standard speed sensing setting giving you a lot more sensitivity but if the alarm detects no more action after 30 seconds it will revert back to the wave sensing setting automatically without you have to do anything.    

  For those of you fishing out on those fast lakes or even the smaller one that you use a boat on, the R4 has a Homecoming Mode that when activated illuminates a flashing LED housed in the back of all R4 alarms so if you need to go out in a boat at night whether to place a rig or play a fish, the flashing lights on the back of the alarms will give you a great visual reference point to get back to.

  The R4 Alarms are sold in two, three and four-rod sets including the receiver and a hard case or they can be bought on their own. These alarms come with a Variable LED fitted in them so you can choose any colour from, Red, White, Blue, Green or Purple on any one head. Once you've chosen the colour you want on your alarm head the receiver will automatically change the colour of the LED that the head is paired with making it so simple to use. As for powering the alarm heads, Nash has designed the R4 alarms to be powered by 2 x AAA batteries that are readily available at any local store.

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