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Nash Siren R4 Receiver

by Nash
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£219.99 - £219.99
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Nash Siren R4 Receiver is packed full of the latest technology giving it extreme performance at ranges over 750 meters. Also, the receiver gives the same tone replication to the R4 head it is programmed to, so for those of you that may use a different tone per head the receiver will copy it in sound. Another clever feature it offers is when you change the colour on your R4 alarm head the receiver will automatically change the LED colour on it. It is powered by a rechargeable battery which is charged using a USB-C cable and once charged it has a guide run time of up to 20 weeks between charges but don't worry as it does have a low battery warning tone. There's a volume button and different modes it can be used in like, Muted, Vibration only and it come with a handy flip-down bivvy table stand on the back.

Please note that all Battery run times are dependent on use.