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Nash Dot Spod

by Nash
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The Dot Spod has been available in Europe for a couple of years now and its gone down a storm. The guy's at Nash saw it and needed a product just like it to add too their ever growing tackle range, so they got it exclusively to be the sole agent to distribute it. The Dot Spod is a great addition to your armory and it's extremely quick and simple to use. It's that easy, you can scoop it, fill it and close it using just one hand, making it a lot quicker to get your bait on the spot. The Dot Spod has impressed the anglers that have used it, with the extreme distance they can cast it and how true and accurate it is. One of the main points that was made about it was, is that it opened on impacting the water every time, even if it didn't hit the clip or go noise first into the water. Due to it's clever design, it's fast and a dream to retrieve and it floats as well, so if you do crack off you should be able to get it back. Also if you are unfortunate enough to crack off, it won't sink to the bottom of the lake and be stuck there, until it fouls up on someones line. 

  The Dot Spod comes in two different colours. Black and Blue for those cooler days or climates because the Black will absorb the heat of the sun, so if it gets rally hot out there keep it in the shade. Then White and blue for the more extreme heats, especially when fishing abroad because the white will reflect the heat preventing it warping in the sun.