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Korda Zig Kit

by Korda
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The Korda Zig Kit makes zig fishing in deeper water a breeze due to its compact design. If you are fishing in 3, 4, or 5 feet of water, you may not need a zig kit, but having the kit will make it a lot easier for those fishing in deeper water. Because of the different pressures when fishing in deeper water, this kit will aid in lifting your zig to the depth you wish to fish quickly and efficiently. If you didn't use a kit, you would be reliant on the buoyancy of your zig to get it to your chosen depth, and if you are fishing in deep water, it could take a while or never get up there due to the weight of the line and other components. You also need to take into account that your line will absorb water which will add more weight, and that can also pull your zig down if you aren't using a kit to help suspend it. There is a moulded float in the kit that's see-through but has a light grey tint, so it doesn't stand out even in light conditions and spook the fish. 

To use the kit:

  1. Add the boom section that your lead will attach to your mainline by threading your line through the ring just above the round bouncy aid.
  2. Thread your mainline through the centre of the float to which you tie the size eleven quick-change swivel and finally pull it back into the soft aperture in the top of the float to lock it in place.
  3. Add the supplied antitangle sleeve just above the loop at the end of the line of your zig rig, hook the loop onto the swivel hook, and pull the antitangle sleeve down over the hook of the swivel - this will help stop the loop from unhooking itself.
  4. Add a lead of your choice to the other end of the boom, and you are ready.