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Korda Zig Box

by Korda
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We’ve got some great new products for zig fishing launching next week – a new line for tying them plus a storage system!

When you’re fishing zigs, you will often have a variety of lengths and hookbait colour combinations tied up, ready to go, but they can get in a real mess, and this is where the new Zig Box comes into play.

The Zig Box is a compact storage system that will hold up to 20 pre-tied rigs on four EVA spools (supplied), complete with pins to hold them in place, and will fit neatly into a side pocket of your rucksack. Each spool will hold up to five rigs, dependent on how long they are. The box is made from tough, impact-proof plastic and closes securely, it is compatible with the existing range of Korda ready rigs that come on spools, and it will hold eight of these or a combination of the two spool sizes.

As well as storing zigs, it is also perfect for pre-tied leaders, such as for chod fishing, with the number you can fit in it dependent on the rig components on the leader.