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Korda Unwaxed Bait Floss

by Korda
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This unwaxed Bait Floss is ideal when tying hard baits lasso style to a Micro Ring Swivel or Rig Ring. The unwaxed coating enables the knot to be tightened down fully, making it less likely to slip when making multiple casts or using heavy leads.

When threading and blobbing baits, this non-slip, unwaxed version helps prevent baits flying off on the cast, a particularly useful benefit when multiple casts at range might be required.

The square spool is designed to fit neatly into the Korda Tackle Box and is fitted with an ID tab for easy identification when stored. Each spool contains 30 metres of bait floss.

Key features

  • Perfect for lasso knots
  • Excellent knot strength
  • Reduces chance of bait slipping
  • Easy storage
  • ID tag for easy identification