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Korda Tournament Casting Heli Leads

by Korda
Original price £2.00 - Original price £2.15
Original price
£2.00 - £2.15
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When getting the maximum amount of casting distance from your chosen lead, the shape is important; there is nothing better than the Tournament Casting design. It is a similar shape to the original Distance Casting lead, but is slightly more nose-heavy to ensure that it flies further and is even more stable, especially in any cross wind, and means that you can get away with using a lighter lead than you otherwise might have been able to, and still achieve the same distance.

Instead of a swivel, the Heli version features a ring, which makes it ideal for use with the Heli-Safe system and gives a much neater set-up, which will cast even better. Its streamlined shape also reduces the chances of tangles.

Available in: 3oz, 3.5oz, 4oz, and 4.5oz.

Key features

  • Tournament casting shape

  • Nose-heavy

  • Extremely stable in flight

  • Streamlined

  • Ideal for cross-wind situations

  • Heli version featuring a ring

  • Ideal for use with the Heli-Safe system