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Korda Spring Bow 42" Landing Net

by Korda
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When it comes to landing nets, anglers often have their own preferences and requirements. From aesthetics to functionality and price, these factors can heavily influence an angler's decision when purchasing a new piece of tackle.

Korda has taken inspiration from a classic design of the past for their Spring Bow 42" Landing Net. Originally available in the early eighties by a North London shop, Dons of Edmonton, the Springbow was a brown fiberglass net featuring a unique, heavy stainless spreader tube. It was the go-to net for carp fishers of the era.

Today's trend favors thin handles that match an angler's carp rods. However, Korda has gone against this trend for better performance. The arms and pole of the net need to have inherent stiffness, and a very low diameter pole increases weight as wall thickness must increase. Thin handles are simply not as good to hold in use. A higher diameter handle increases stiffness and is more comfortable to grip. The Spring Bow has a 6' handle that tapers down from 23 to 18mm, manufactured from ultra-light, high-performing carbon fiber with a satin black finish. The end features a beautifully turned 316 stainless steel point. This makes the net so light that it lays perfectly on the water's surface without requiring any kind of net float.

The spreader block was a key design point. It needed to be extremely light, very strong, and unique in appearance. Korda worked with JAG to create the perfect spreader block, updating the design four times over two and a half years. The final version is stunning to look at, incredibly light, and easy to use and assemble. The block has a slight oval shape to provide additional space for the arms as they flex and push into place. The arms exit the block at the perfect angle of 91 degrees, and each arm has an oversized machined, anodized aluminum, rounded end designed to hold the thick green cord between the arms with zero stretch. The aluminum spreader block is machined out on both front and back faces and is spray-painted in a hard-wearing, ceramic Gun Smoke finish.

The Spring Bow comes in three versions: 42", 46", and 50". Each one comes with a medium-depth net in full Hexmesh, with the net part deep enough for an angler to push the handle into the lakebed with the arms far enough above the water to retain and stop any carp jumping free after capture. The net also has a 15mm isotope slot, although an isotope is not included.

Each net comes in a heavy-duty Korda Dark Kamo sleeve with separate pockets for both the handle and arms. The Spring Bow is an exceptional landing net with unique features and stunning design that will impress any angler.

  • Super Light 
  • Super Stiff  
  • 6’ Reverse Taper Satin Black Handle
  • 316 Stainless Steel Spike Cap 
  • Unique Aluminium JAG Engineered Spreader Block 
  • 15mm Isotope Slot (Isotope NOT Included) 
  • Machined anodised aluminium, oversized rounded arm ends 
  • Heavy zero stretch cord  
  • Floats without any add on foam floats 
  • Hexmesh mid depth mesh 
  • Each net comes heavy duty Korda Dark Kamo two pocket sleeve