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Korda Solidz Slow Melt PVA Bags

by Korda
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Solidz PVA Bags have become increasingly popular among anglers for delivering their baits precisely to their target areas. The Solidz PVA Bags come with a thicker film that increases the melt time of the bag, making them ideal for use in long-range casting, deep water or in wet and rainy conditions.

The Solidz PVA Bags are manufactured in the UK using the highest-grade material available, making them extremely robust and durable. The film is over twice the thickness of the original Solidz bags, significantly delaying the melt time. As a result, anglers can now spend more time getting their bait into position without worrying about the bag melting too quickly.

The thicker bag is inherently stronger too, making it the ideal choice for casting long-range with heavy leads. This feature provides the anglers with confidence and control to land their baits precisely where they want, ensuring they get the best possible chance of catching a fish.

The special wrap design of the Solidz PVA Bags provides the ultimate strength and prevents the bags from splitting or bursting, even under extreme pressure. This feature is especially useful when fishing in snaggy conditions where the bait needs to be delivered accurately.

The Solidz PVA Bags are free from any aroma and residue, making them ideal for use in any water body. The bags are manufactured from a premium-grade satin film, which has a neutral Ph. This high-quality film ensures that the bags are environmentally friendly, and the water body's ecosystem remains intact.

Overall, Solidz PVA Bags are a perfect choice for any angler looking to improve their fishing experience. The thicker film ensures that the bags remain intact for longer, while the special wrap design provides ultimate strength, giving anglers confidence and control when casting their baits.

  • Manufactured from premium grade satin film
  • Increased melt time
  • Perfect for long-range and deep-water bagging
  • Special wrap design provides ultimate strength
  • Zero residue and aroma free