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Korda Ready Tied Spinner Rigs

by Korda
Original price £2.99 - Original price £2.99
Original price
£2.99 - £2.99
Current price £2.99

Korda has added the ever-popular Korda Ready Tied Spinner Rigs to their ready tied carp rig range. A firm favourite for Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove, this rig has caught huge fish worldwide and has featured on Monster Carp, Thinking Tackle and even had its own masterclass chapter. 

The Korda Ready Tied Spinner is a versatile rig that can be used over almost any bottom when fished helicopter style (adjust bead accordingly). With this rig, you can use a wafter or a pop-up style hook bait.

Our ready-tied carps rigs will give you instant confidence if you are new to the spinner. The ready-tied rigs are also great for anglers who are time-poor, have less than perfect sight or suffer from arthritis/issues with their hands.

"This is the most efficient carp rig I have ever used! I cast the out with extreme confidence as it does everything you wish a rig to do; it has superb hooking potential, and you can even change the hook quickly without needing to tie a new rig." TOM DOVE

Korda Ready Tied Spinner Rigs have a 7" boom and come with a size 4 or 6 KURV hook pattern (Barbed or Barbless) - RRP: £2.49