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Korda QC Ring Swivel Round

by Korda
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The QC Ring Swivel Round has arrived!

Fans of chod rigs are going to love the new QC Ring Swivel Round, which has only just arrived in tackle shops!

This innovative design allows you to change your chod hook link as quickly and in as hassle-free a way as is possible, but is also suitable for use with any other presentation where extra movement is needed at the swivel end of your rig and you still want the benefits of a Quick Change system.

They come in a size 11, which means that they are very neat and as small as possible, and the Quick Change part of the swivel has been designed with a round profile, rather than an elongated one. This means that once your rig is attached it still has plenty of movement to ensure the mechanics of it are as effective as they can be, and ultimately leading to more fish being hooked!

The open end of the Quick Change link is wide enough that you can easily unclip an old rig and clip on a new one, but narrow enough that it could never unintentionally come off, and the link section of the swivel is incredibly strong. This will also be where many will choose to mould a small piece of Dark Matter putty to counter-balance the hookbait.

The QC Ring Swivel Round is incredibly useful if you’re fishing a water where you’re getting plenty of action, as you can unhook a fish and leave it in the net for a few minutes, whilst you clip on a new rig and get the rod straight back out before dealing with the fish you’ve just caught!

Korda’s Neil Spooner has been putting them to good use, especially on his overnight sessions where his time is limited and he wants to make the most of every minute on the bank – as he showed in the latest instalment of his series of Work, Fish, Sleep, Repeat videos.

Neil revealed: “I’ve been using the QC Ring Swivel Round ever since the early prototypes, and due to the shape it gives my chod rig the added movement that it needs.”

They have just hit Korda stockists across the UK and are priced at £3.45 for a pack of eight.