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Korda Quick Change Ring Swivel

by Korda
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New range of swivels from Korda

Following a demand for high-quality swivels in various different formats, three new ranges of swivels have been developed by Korda with wide-ranging specialist applications.

The Chod Swivel is a high quality, non-reflective ring swivel designed for use with naked chod systems or with a leader. A distinct recess in the barrel of the swivel body allows putty to be securely moulded around the swivel to balance the rig effectively.

The QC Ring Swivels offer a useful combination of a ring swivel with a quick-release system that allows the angler to change their rig in seconds. Just attach your rig to the hook and slide a sleeve over to secure the rig. They’re perfect for use with helicopter rigs and come in sizes 8 and 11.

The QC Swivel variant offers the quick change option but on a standard swivel, allowing them to be used in conjunction with a lead clip rig or any similar set-up.

Coming in packets of 8 and in sizes 8 and 11 (size 8 for the Chod Swivel only), they retail at £3.45.