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Korda Mini Box

by Korda
Original price £6.99 - Original price £8.99
Original price
£6.99 - £8.99
Current price £6.99

With the recent launch of the Korda Tackle Box, they have also released four Mini Boxes that have been designed to fit perfectly, into the Tackle box. All the boxes come with a translucent lid, so you can easily see its contents. Also the are fitted with magnetic close lids  

Mini Box 6, has six compartments to fit small items in like, lead clips, tail rubbers, heli safe's and others

Mini Box 8, has eight compartments which are ideal for housing your swivels, kwik clips, kickers and other items of that size.

Mini Box 9, has three main compartments that can house, lead clips, tail rubbers, heli safes but it also has a removable tray with a further six compartments, for items like swivels, clips, O rings and other small items.

Mini Box 16, has sixteen compartments, eight in the base and eight in the lid. This box will house most of your small terminal tackle