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Korda Loop Rigs Klor

by Korda
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£4.75 - £4.75
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DF’s favourite loop & boom combination featuring the Klor hook. These ready-tied hook link sections are designed to be used in conjunction with our pre-tied booms, or you can tie your own if you prefer. 

When the two are looped together they form the perfect combi-rig – simply attach the Klor loop section to the Boom’s Loop, loop-to-loop style and you are ready to go, with the added benefit of being able to quickly change the hook section should you need to. 

The Klor loop section is set up blow-back style but utilising Danny’s favoured lasso knot instead of a rig ring. No need for shrink tube, as the in-turned eye of the Klor helps to ensure that the hook flips over and takes a hold. 

They are tied using a semi-stiff braided material, and come in barbed or barbless versions, in sizes 2, 4, 6, or 8. You get three in a packet. 

Key features

  • Ready tied hook sections
  • Use in conjunction with Boom's Loop
  • Form the perfect combi-rig
  • Featuring the Klor hook
  • Three per pack