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Korda Krusha Large & Small

by Korda
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Original price £0.00
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The Korda Krusha makes a tedious job, quick and simple. The krusha is great for crushing, boilies, pellets, tigers and a host of other baits. It comes in to halves, and you simply fill the one half that says FILL and then put the other half onto it, twisting it and you push it down. As you get use to using the krusha, you will find the more you turn the the two halves against each other, the finer the crumb will be. If you only give it half a turn, you will get large chunks back. The crusher is also great for when you are filling your bait boat up and you want to put a bit of chopped boilies on top. Instead of crushing a lot of boilies up before you go, you can simply take the krusha to your boat full of bait, give it a twist and jobs done.