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Korda Krank Spinner Rig

by Korda
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The Korda Krank Spinner Rig is one of the latest arrivals to the Korda Ready Tied Rig Collection whilst only being the newest it is already proving to be the most popular as Korda has improved the Spinner/Ronnie Rig. They have added a boom hooklink to the rig to make it ready-tied which is a first for this type of rig, previous to this you could only get spinner rig packs where you would get everything except the hooklink but now they are manufactured with Korda's famous stiff Boom material which is designed to always keep the hooklink at a set length to reduce and twisting or tangling of the rig which not only gives you a better chance of hooking your fish but also if the fish is able to blow it back out the hooklink will again drop at that set length as it won't get twisted this makes you sit behind your rods with confidence knowing you have the best rig presentation in combination with the spinner set up the buoyancy of the pop up will allow the hook to set up nicely on whatever bottom you are fishing.

The rig is made up of a 5.5" Boom Section which are crimped at both ends in a loop with the Spinner Swivel being attached to one of the ends, The hook is a Krank which the eye is passed through the open end of the spinner swivel and then is covered by a Kicker or Shrink Tubing from there they take a Micro Swivel or a Bait Screw and then place a Hook Bead on the hook top stop the swivel or bait screw from falling off of the hook and within that your rig is complete. With all of the components being removable it makes changing your hook very easy if the one on the rig has blunted over, which makes a change for Ready Tied Rigs.

  • Features a 5.5 inch Boom
  • Krank hook
  • Spinner swivel which has been crimped on to provide a very strong connection.