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Korda Klor Hooks

by Korda
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Danny Fairbrass of Korda designed the Korda Klor Hooks as he wanted an aggressive, strong, fast turning hook that you could use with a variety of different rigs. The Klor hook has an aggressively curved shank and stops, so the point off the hook is in line with the eye. Doing this ensures the hook turns quickly in the carp's mouth and catches hold. It has a long, slightly in-turned ultra-sharp point that helps to prevent it from damaging on hard bottoms. It has a heavy gaged wire, making it an ideal hook for use in the UK or the bigger fish stamp abroad. This hook is perfect for use with a range of hook baits like Bottom hook baits, wafters and pop-ups. 

Sizes: 2, 4, 6 and 8

Available: Barbed or Barbless 

Quantity: 10 per pack