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Korda Inline Safety Kit Tail Rubber

by Korda
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£4.25 - £4.25
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This innovative system was designed by Jason Hayward to allow you to fish an inline lead in the weed, as it will eject from the stem when it needs to. The mechanism has been designed so that it will withstand even the hardest cast, but should the lead get stuck in weed or a snag, then it will release – but only does so when necessary. It can be used with any type of leader or tubing, or on a naked set-up, and is compatible with solid PVA bags, but it is best to avoid Funnel Web ones as these can cause it to eject as it hits the surface. The insert has a ring swivel moulded into it, but you can cut the ring off if you prefer to use a normal swivel or add a Kwik Link or similar. A Tail Rubber holds everything in place, as long as it is pushed on tightly, and the leads and inserts are numbered to ensure that you get the correct combination, which fits together properly. The leads are a flat pear shape, which makes them perfect for most situations other than extreme range, and come in a choice of 2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz, and 3.5oz. Spare leads are available separately. Each kit includes a lead, insert, and tail rubber. Spares sleeves are available separately.