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Korda Hook Klip Medium

by Korda
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Experience the unparalleled convenience of swift rig changes with the Korda Hook Klips, revolutionizing the efficiency of modern carp fishing. Embracing the popular spinner-style quick change (QC) mechanism, these Hook Klips elevate versatility by extending these features to various rig styles. Whether you're employing a Blowback Rig for bottom baits or an IQ D rig for wafters, these compact metal latches facilitate rapid hook changes, ensuring the seamless functionality of your chosen rig.

The design of the Hook Klip is meticulously crafted, with the eye strategically positioned in line with the kicker to allow smooth sliding without tearing, ensuring a discreet and inconspicuous profile. When it's time to switch your hook, effortlessly slide back the kicker, unclip the old hook, and replace it with a new one – a quick and straightforward process.

Crafted for durability, the Hook Klips feature a resilient black nickel-plated coating, guaranteeing longevity and performance. Whether you prefer monofilament or braid, these klips accommodate a variety of rig setups, making them a versatile addition to your angling arsenal. Each pack contains 10 Hook Klips, ensuring you have an ample supply for your fishing ventures.

Unlock the potential of your rigs with the Korda Hook Klips – where efficiency meets innovation on the waterside.