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Korda Goo

by Korda
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The Korda Goo range is a liquid attractant that comes in several flavours, colours and two different thicknesses, Smoke and Supreme.

  Goo Smoke which had a name change from Power Smoke is the thicker one of the two Goo's and it's great for using on single hook baits like pop-ups and wafters but it can really come into its own when used on Zigs. Due to the thickness of the Smoke Goo, it clings to the zig and slowly keeps releasing flavours and attractants into the area around the zig drawing fish down to it. It gets its name smoke because when the hook bait is sat in the water and it's breaking down it looks like the bait is smoking as it releases all its goodness into the water.

  Goo Supreme is thinner so it is ideal for soaking hook baits in it, like adding it into your pop-ups or wafters to enhance the signals they are giving off. You can also pump a bit into your PVA bags to boost their attraction as both Goo's are PVA friendly. One thing I do a lot is to buy neutral pop-ups in colour and flavour and soak them in my favourite goo. Due to the strong dye and flavours that are used and the length of time, you leave them to soak the colour and smell will soak through to the core of your hook bait giving you a bait that truly smells like yo goo of your choice and not one that's mixed with other manufacturers flavour.