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Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights

by Korda
Original price £5.99 - Original price £7.99
Original price
£5.99 - £7.99
Current price £5.99

Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights are an ideal way to pin your pop-ups down by putting them in place and squeezing them together. This means there is no need for the use of tungsten putty that can slip and move from where you put it.

They are available in 5 weights (0.30g – 0.50g) and can also be bought as a mixed pack with each product laser etched with a number to identify the weight.

TIP: They will fit over ALL Korda size 11 swivels. We have done everything we can to try and control the tolerance of Korda size 11 swivel barrels, BUT sometimes they are a little tight to push on entirely by hand. We recommend using a Krimp Tool to carefully bring the balancing weight and swivel together. Please note that they will not necessarily fit on competitors’ size 11 swivels as sizes vary. Tungsten is a tough material; it has little flex and cannot be easily forced onto oversized barrels.