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Korda Compac 3 Rod Holdall 12ft Dark Kamo

by Korda
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Introducing the Korda Compac 3 Rod Holdall 12ft Dark Kamo, a premier solution for safeguarding your valuable rods and reels during transit while providing practicality and efficiency for quick setup and pack away.

Through extensive testing and development by top anglers, we have crafted the ultimate rod holdall that incorporates all the essential features desired by anglers of every style and water type. Whether you engage in carp fishing or any other angling discipline, the Dark Kamo Compac Rod Holdall range offers the perfect match for your needs.

Constructed from highly durable and water-resistant Dark Kamo material, these rod holdalls are designed to withstand heavy use. Abundant padding and internal dividers ensure optimal protection for your rods and reels, accommodating even the largest big pit reels and butt rings.

The Dark Kamo Compac Rod Holdalls are engineered for swift fishing upon arrival at the lake. A robust heavy-duty zip grants quick access to your rods, while the three external pockets along the holdall's spine conveniently store landing nets, banksticks, and similar essentials. Additionally, two additional rods, such as a marker rod and a spod rod, can be externally stored using the provided pockets and straps. Whether kept loose or in rod sleeves, these rods remain securely in place, enabling instant lead casting without the need to unpack your entire gear.

Continuing the focus on expedited setup, an external pocket is specifically designed for storing leads or similar items. This feature proves invaluable when using lead clips, Heli-Safe systems, or any setup where the lead is detached at the end of a session. With this pocket, you can easily zip away your leads, ensuring they are readily accessible for your next fishing session, even after packing away the rest of your gear.

The 12' 3 Rod Holdall dimensions are 200cm x 30cm x 13cm, offering ample space to accommodate your rods and additional accessories.

Key Features:

  • Korda's signature Dark Kamo pattern
  • Constructed from durable and water-resistant fabric
  • Designed to accommodate big pit reels and 50mm butt rings
  • Padded internal dividers for individual rod and reel protection
  • Three-up, two-down design to optimize space utilization
  • Spine pockets for storing storm poles, banksticks, and a landing net
  • External pockets and straps to secure two additional rods (with or without sleeves)
  • Reinforced waterproof base for enhanced durability
  • Removable padded shoulder strap for comfortable transportation
  • Discreet pocket dedicated to storing leads
  • Reinforced carry handles for reliable support
  • Heavy-duty zips for long-lasting performance
  • Wipe-clean lining for easy maintenance

Choose the Korda Compac 3 Rod Holdall 12ft Dark Kamo to ensure the utmost quality, protection, and convenience for transporting your valuable fishing gear. Please note that the buzz bars are sold separately.