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DNA Candy Sticks

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Made on the same top quality ‘airball’ type pop-up mix as our Fluoro Pop-Ups with the same highly successful flavours.

The list of uses for this product is only limited by your imagination. We have had success using small slivers as ‘toppers’ for balancing bottom baits, making a refreshing change to the often overused plastic corn. Oddly shaped sections work well on conventional pop-up rigs or as chod rig hook baits. The irregular shape of a broken-off piece of Candy Stick adds an element of difficulty and unpredictability for the carp when dealing with your rig. As zig baits they are, of course, supreme. Use as big or as small a bait as you think the carp want that particular day. It’s your choice. The rough open ends of the sticks also dramatically improve flavour release which we have found can result in some phenomenally quick responses from the carp.

No more trimming normal-sized pop-ups down.

No more buying tubs of different size pop-ups.

Just cut or tear off a piece and use it. It is as simple as that!

DNA Baits Candy Sticks offer an edge previously never seen in the worldwide carp angling marketplace. Remember where you saw them first!

Six sticks per pack at 12mm x 100mm per stick.

Of course, we could not do a fluoro range without including the awesome and well-proven pineapple flavour somewhere along the line. To mix things up a little though we have coupled it with a lower-level banana flavour to give it a sublimely smooth undertone. These give extra life to a long-term classic and you can be assured the spirit of the yellow peril lives on in these bad boys.