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DNA Baits Milky Malts Dumbell Wafters 10x15mm

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These critically balanced, highly visible hookbaits are packed with high levels of attractors, betaine and unique carefully blended flavours. Each wafter has also been enhanced by the addition of an insoluble hi-viz colour. Each colour is extremely bright and creates a strong visual signal that matches the level of attraction produced by the appetite stimulants. With a firm but spongy structure, these wafters can easily be mounted by piercing or tying onto a hair and can be easily trimmed to suit your favoured pattern/size of hook.

Available in all five of our superb custom flavours we believe we have all the bases covered when it comes to finding that extra bite on the hardest of days.

These are definitely something special and if the test results are anything to go by then fully expect to see them catching on a water near you soon. Take our word for it, get on em now!

During testing and showing these baits we struggled to keep them in the pot due to the uniquely appetising flavour! The name is fairly self explanatory so we won’t waffle on any further but we suggest during use keep the lid on to ensure you do not eat them all yourself!