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DNA Baits Insect Meal

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DNA Baits Insect Meal is a must-have product for all users of The Bug.

This is a top-quality de-fatted insect protein meal made from black soldier fly larvae. It is the same insect meal that goes into the production of The Bug and makes for the perfect, natural ground bait, a massive edge on waters where maggots and other natural baits are banned.

It binds together beautifully with the Bug Liquid Food which makes for the perfect stick mix and is equally as effective when mixed with Crayfish Mini Mix Pellets for solid-bag work.

Top tip: Create your own spot on weedy waters by baiting a tight area with a mixture of Insect Meal, Bug Spod Syrup chopped Bug Boilies and a few natural. Before long, the fish will polish the area clean and you’ll soon have a nice clean spot to fish in an area the carp like to visit.

Our Insect Meal is available in both 1kg and 5kg bags.