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DNA Baits Crayfish Dumbbell Wafters 10x15mm

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Introducing our latest addition, the all-new Crayfish Wafters in a compact 10mm by 15mm size. We're thrilled to bring you these critically balanced dumbbell hookbaits that perfectly complement our Crayfish pellets, both in flavor and color.

In each tub, you'll find a blend of dark and light hues, carefully crafted to match the natural appearance of Crayfish. These wafters are a go-to choice for solid-bag presentations, particularly on waters frequented by pellet-fed fish. They also excel when used with small PVA sticks, especially when enhanced with our Crayfish Meal powder and Crayfish Bait Soak.

Don't let their size fool you - these little powerhouses are loaded with soluble proteins, potent olfactory stimulants, and irresistible attractors. Despite their compact form, they deliver a powerful punch that will capture the attention of nearby fish.

If you're looking for a quick-bite hookbait option that stands out from the crowd, our Crayfish Wafters are the perfect choice. Their enticing blend of flavors and enhanced attractants make them an excellent alternative for a wide range of angling situations.

Get ready to elevate your fishing game with our small but mighty Crayfish Wafters.