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DNA Baits Calanus Hydro Liquid 1L

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Calanus Hydro is a highly effective liquid addition for carp fishing enthusiasts looking to improve their bait and feed mix formulations. It is made from a sustainable source of the zooplankton species, calanus finmarchicus, and is incredibly soluble with a low-fat hydrolysate that elicits a rapid response from all cyprinids.

The salty, low-fat liquid is rich in free-form amino acids that fish can easily detect throughout the water column. Its effectiveness is attested by its use in the formulation of The Bug, a popular bait since 2018.

Calanus Hydro is easy to use and highly versatile. Its relatively thin viscosity makes it perfect for soaking boilies, combining with groundbait mixes, and injecting into solid bags. Moreover, its high solubility means it is suitable for year-round use.

Available in 1-litre and 500ml bottles, Calanus Hydro is completely PVA friendly, making it an excellent choice for carp anglers looking to boost the effectiveness of their bait and feed mix. With Calanus Hydro, you can be sure to attract more fish and enjoy more successful fishing trips.