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DNA Baits Amino Smoke

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Introducing Amino Smoke, the latest innovation in DNA’s range of advanced fishing liquids. This unique liquid creates a cloud around your baited area, moving through the water column to attract fish from all depths.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Cloud Formation: Upon release, Amino Smoke forms a cloud that settles as a haze around your bait within 20-30 minutes. This haze reactivates whenever fish disturb the area, creating an enticing cloud that can repeat multiple times before dispersing.

  • Unique Formula: Unlike conventional glycerine, flavor, and dye combinations, Amino Smoke is crafted from high-protein powders and liquids, flooding the area with carp-attracting amino acids. It also includes a generous portion of the matching bait’s liquid food to further enhance its attraction.

  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for use in bags or sticks, over boilies, particles, and pellets, or even directly on your hook bait. There is no limit to its inclusion, but a small amount is sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

  • Easy to Use: Shake well to activate before use.

Allergen Information:

  • Contains NUT OIL

Elevate your angling game with Amino Smoke and watch the fish flock to your baited area with its irresistible cloud of attraction.