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Korda Compac Bivvy Wrap

by Korda
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£29.99 - £31.99
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The Korda Compac Bivvy Wrap in Dark Camo is designed for anglers who prioritize efficiency and mobility during overnight sessions. Whether you're rushing to work or transitioning to a new fishing spot, quick and easy pack-down of your gear is essential.

This innovative wrap swiftly and securely encases the bulk of your bivvy, providing an alternative to traditional carry bags while still accommodating essential items like storm poles and bivvy pegs. Crafted from durable, water-resistant materials with Velcro fastening, it ensures all your gear is neatly stowed in a compact, low-profile, and lightweight package for rapid deployment and pack-down.

Featuring elasticated fabric, the wrap can be tightened around the bivvy to compress it down effectively. Simply store your pegs and poles in the designated compartments, wrap up your bivvy, and you're ready to go.

Manufactured using high-performance fabrics and military-grade components, Compac luggage offers an organized, strong, lightweight, and durable storage solution. Available in two colours—our signature dark camo or olive—the Compac Bivvy Wrap is a versatile addition to any angler's kit.

Dimensions: 83cm x 66cm