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Korda Goo

by Korda
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The Korda Goo range is a liquid attractant that comes in several flavours, colours and two different thicknesses, Smoke and Supreme.


Korda Goo is a range of specially formulated liquid attractants designed to enhance the appeal of your bait and stimulate fish to feed. One of the features of the Korda Goo range is the inclusion of a product called "Smoke" in the range.

Smoke is a type of Korda Goo that is designed to mimic the scent of burning embers or smoke on the surface of the water. This type of scent is highly attractive to carp and other predatory fish and can help to stimulate feeding, even when the fish are not actively searching for food.

When applied to your bait or lure, the Smoke Korda Goo will create a cloud of scent and flavour in the water, which will be highly attractive to nearby fish. The effect is enhanced in calm conditions, as the scent is able to spread over a wider area, increasing the chance of fish detecting it.

The Smoke flavour of Korda Goo is particularly effective in cooler water temperatures when fish are less active and less likely to feed. The scent and flavour combination provided by the Smoke Korda Goo helps to trigger the natural feeding instincts of carp and other fish, encouraging them to investigate and take your bait.

Overall, the Smoke Korda Goo is a highly effective attractant that can help to improve your catch rates, particularly in colder or more challenging conditions. Its unique blend of flavour and scent make it a valuable addition to any angler's tackle box, and a must-have for those looking to increase their chances of success on the water.


Korda Goo Supreme is a specially formulated bait additive that can be used to enhance the attractiveness of boilies, pellets, and other bait items. Unlike the Smoke range, which is designed to create a visible trail in the water, the Supreme range is more subtle and is intended to add an additional layer of attraction to your bait.

The Supreme range comes in several different flavours, each designed to appeal to different fish species and their preferences. For example, the Pineapple Supreme is a fruity flavour that can be particularly effective for carp, while the Scopex Supreme has a creamy, sweet taste that can work well for a wide range of fish.

The Supreme range is made using a blend of natural and synthetic attractants, which work together to create a powerful and long-lasting scent trail in the water. This scent trail can help to draw fish to your bait from a distance, and can encourage them to feed for longer periods of time.

To use Korda Goo Supreme, simply apply a small amount of the liquid to your bait before casting. The liquid will gradually seep into the bait, releasing its scent and flavour over time. You can also use Korda Goo Supreme as a soak for your hookbaits or as a glug for your boilies, pellets, and other bait items.

Overall, Korda Goo Supreme is a highly effective bait additive that can help to increase your catch rates and make your bait more attractive to fish. Whether you're targeting carp, bream, tench, or other species, the Supreme range has a flavour that can help you to catch more fish.