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The Best Unhooking Mats For Carp Fishing

The Best Unhooking Mats For Carp Fishing

Carp fishing is a delicate balance of skill, patience, and the right equipment. Central to this pursuit is the welfare of the fish, a responsibility every angler bears. This is where the unhooking mat comes in – an indispensable tool for safeguarding the carp. These mats are not just accessories but crucial for ethical fishing, ensuring that each catch is handled with care and respect.


Why Unhooking Mats are Essential for Carp Fishing

Unhooking mats protect carp from injury on land. This simple yet vital piece of equipment plays a pivotal role in the sustainable practice of carp fishing, ensuring that the joy of the catch does not come at the expense of the fish's well-being.

These mats serve as a protective barrier between the fish and the ground, significantly reducing the risk of physical damage. Using unhooking mats is a practice endorsed by conservationists and experienced anglers alike, as it greatly contributes to the sustainability of carp populations.

By minimising stress and injury to the fish, these mats play a significant role in ensuring that future generations can enjoy carp fishing.


Features to Look for in a Quality Carp Unhooking Mat

When selecting an unhooking mat, consider these key features:

Material and Durability: Look for robust, waterproof materials that withstand varied weather conditions. The fabric should be resilient enough to resist tears and punctures, ensuring long-term use and reliability.

Size and Portability: The mat should be spacious enough for the carp yet compact for easy transport. A mat that's too small can compromise the fish's safety, while a bulky mat can be cumbersome to carry. Look for mats that offer a balance between space and portability, with features like foldability or roll-up designs for ease of transport.

Comfort and Safety for the Fish: Padding is a must. A soft, thick mat ensures the fish's safety. The padding should be sufficient enough to cushion the fish from the hard ground, reducing stress and potential injury. Some mats have additional protective features like raised edges or retaining flaps to keep the fish securely in place.

Additional Features: Features like easy-to-clean surfaces and waterproofing add value. Mats with waterproof coatings are easier to maintain and more hygienic, preventing water absorption and facilitating quick drying. Other beneficial features include secure fastenings for windy conditions and UV resistance to prevent the material from degrading in sunlight.

Review of Top Carp Unhooking Mats from CPS Tackle

At CPS Tackle, we offer a range of top-tier unhooking mats, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. From compact options ideal for the mobile angler to more robust choices for larger catches, these mats represent the best in quality and functionality. Here’s some of our favourites:


Avid Carp Revive Mat (Compact Option)

Designed for Mobility: Folds into a compact form within its own shell, ideal for anglers on the move.

Enhanced Protection: Features dual structured sides, offering superior safety compared to flat mats.

Ease of Use: Quick to set up and pack away, designed for efficient transitions.
Transport-Friendly: Equipped with a padded shoulder strap and carry handles for easy transportation.

Additional Storage: Side pockets for storing fish care essentials, adding to its practicality.

Size Options: Available in Standard and XL sizes, catering to different fishing requirements.

Overall: A versatile, user-friendly mat that prioritises fish safety and angler convenience.

Fox Camo Unhooking Mat (Budget Option)

  • Designed for Mobility: Ideal for anglers who travel light, such as those engaging in stalking.
  • Enhanced Fish Safety: Comes with a 50mm deep foam for optimal protection of the fish from the hard ground.
  • Fish Retention Feature: Equipped with a Velcro-secured retaining flap, ensuring the fish remains safe and secure during handling.
  • Quality Material: Made from fish-friendly Ventec® Ripstop fabric, enhancing its longevity and reliability.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Easy to carry, making it suitable for anglers who value convenience and efficiency.
  • Secure Storage: Features an elasticated loop for safe storage when rolled up.
  • Overall: An excellent option for budget-conscious anglers, offering essential features without compromising quality or fish safety.

Trakker Sanctuary Deluxe Oval Crib (Fish Safety Option)

  • Designed for Large Carp: Ideal for handling carp exceeding 50lb, with high-sided walls and a plush 90mm padded base.
  • Enhanced Fish Safety: Features a Velcro-fastening retaining flap for added security and protection.
  • Ease of Use: Equipped with mesh side vents for hassle-free drainage of excess water.
  • Fish-Friendly Material: The crib and retaining flap are lined with an easy-clean, fish-friendly material.
  • Convenient for Photography: Large, robust webbing handles facilitate the safe transport of fish, ideal for anglers who undertake self-take photography.
  • Additional Storage: Includes a zipped pocket on the outer wall for storing carp care essentials.
  • Overall: A top-tier choice for dedicated carp anglers, combining convenience, safety, and protection for large carp. Perfect for those who prioritise the well-being of their catches and seek a reliable, easy-to-use crib.

How to Properly Use and Maintain Your Carp Unhooking Mat

Proper use and maintenance of your carp unhooking mat are crucial for the mat's longevity and the fish's safety. Here are some key guidelines:

  • Correct Placement: Always place the mat on a flat, stable surface. Avoid rocky or uneven ground that could compromise the mat's effectiveness and the fish's safety.
  • Gentle Handling: When placing the carp on the mat, do so gently. Ensure the fish is centred and fully supported by the mat to prevent any part of the fish from being exposed to the hard ground.
  • Keeping the Fish Moist: Regularly sprinkle water over the fish throughout the handling process. This practice helps keep its skin moist and healthy, which is especially important during warmer weather.
  • Minimising Exposure: Keep the fish's time out of water to an absolute minimum. Quick, efficient handling reduces stress on the fish and increases its chance of a healthy release.
  • Cleaning the Mat: After each use, clean the mat with water. Avoid harsh chemicals that could harm the next fish or degrade the mat's material.
  • Drying Before Storage: Ensure the mat is completely dry before storing it to prevent mould and mildew growth, which can damage the mat and harm fish.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect the mat for any wear or damage. Promptly repair or replace the mat if any issues are found to ensure it continues to provide safe and effective protection for the fish.
  • Proper Storage: Store the mat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. UV exposure can degrade materials over time, reducing the mat's effectiveness.
  • Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for Your Carp Fishing Adventures

Selecting the right unhooking mat is a vital aspect of responsible carp fishing. The ideal mat not only enhances your fishing experience but also plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and minimal stress of the carp.

By carefully considering the features and functionalities of various mats, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your fishing approach and needs.

Contact us at CPS Tackle for expert advice and top-quality equipment. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, our team is here to help you select the perfect unhooking mat and other essential fishing tackle. Reach out now and take the first step towards a more rewarding carp fishing journey!

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