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Trakker Sanctuary Deluxe Oval Crib

by Trakker
Original price £129.99 - Original price £149.99
Original price
£129.99 - £149.99
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Sanctuary Deluxe Oval Cribs - The Ultimate in Carp Care

When it comes to caring for large carp and practicing responsible fish care, the Sanctuary Deluxe Oval Cribs provide anglers with the utmost peace of mind.

Designed for the Big Ones: Featuring high-sided walls and a plush 90mm padded base, complete with a Velcro-fastening retaining flap, this carp cradle is perfectly suited for carp exceeding 50lb or even 60lb in the XL model. It's the go-to choice for anglers who frequently undertake self-take photography, ensuring your prized catch remains in the best possible condition.

Built for Convenience: The Sanctuary Deluxe Oval Crib is not just about carp protection; it's designed for ease of use. The mesh side vents facilitate the hassle-free drainage of excess water. An easy-clean, fish-friendly lining on both the mat and the retaining flap ensures the well-being of your catch is always a priority.

A Helping Hand for Photographs: Not only is the Crib a sanctuary for your carp, but it's also a useful tool for anglers. The large, robust webbing handles on either side make it simple to safely transport your fish from the water's edge to a suitable spot for photographing and back again.

Extra Storage: No need to carry an extra bag for your fish care essentials. The Crib features a convenient zipped pocket on the outer wall, providing storage for all your carp care essentials.

For carp anglers dedicated to preserving and protecting their prized catches, the Sanctuary Deluxe Oval Cribs are the ultimate solution. Angling and carp care have never been easier.