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Trakker Tempest RS Brolly Groundsheet

by Trakker
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Elevate your angling setup with the Tempest RS Brolly Groundsheet, a purpose-built accessory meticulously designed for seamless compatibility with the Tempest RS Brolly. This comprehensive description unveils the key features and advantages that make the Tempest RS Brolly Groundsheet an essential addition to your fishing gear.

Tailored Precision for Tempest RS Brolly: Crafted with precision, the Tempest RS Brolly Groundsheet is specifically engineered to complement the contours and dimensions of the Tempest RS Brolly. The incorporation of corresponding pegging rings and clips ensures a snug and secure fit, creating a cohesive system that enhances the overall functionality of your angling shelter.

Protective Barrier Against Moisture: Constructed from durable polyethylene fabric, this groundsheet acts as a robust barrier between your valuable gear and the damp or muddy ground. Whether you're placing luggage, a bed, or other belongings, the groundsheet provides reliable protection, preventing your essentials from becoming soiled or compromised by wet and unfavorable conditions.

Thoughtful Design for Practical Use: The Tempest RS Brolly Groundsheet goes beyond basic functionality with a range of thoughtful design elements. The elastic and ring pegging system simplifies the setup process, ensuring a hassle-free installation. Webbing finishing around the edge adds a touch of durability, preventing fraying and enhancing the groundsheet's longevity even in challenging terrains.

Intelligent Logo Tag for Door Position: Navigating your setup is made easier with the inclusion of a logo tag that distinctly indicates the door position. This small yet intelligent feature adds convenience to your angling experience, allowing you to orient your groundsheet with precision and efficiency.

Supplied with Aquatexx™ Drawstring Bag: Ensuring convenience from setup to storage, the Tempest RS Brolly Groundsheet comes complete with an Aquatexx™ drawstring bag. This dedicated bag provides a secure and compact storage solution, keeping your groundsheet organized and ready for deployment whenever you hit the waters.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Polyethylene fabric
  • Weight: 2.05kg
  • Transport Size: 5cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 56cm (D)
  • Compatible with: (200701) Tempest RS Brolly

Enhance Your Angling Experience: Invest in the Tempest RS Brolly Groundsheet for a superior angling experience. Tailored for perfection, this groundsheet combines precision, durability, and practical design to become an indispensable companion for your Tempest RS Brolly. Elevate your angling setup and keep your gear protected with this purpose-built groundsheet.