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Trakker Pureflo Bait Filter System 17ltr

by Trakker
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The Trakker Pureflo Bait Filter System has a 17 Litre capacity and has been purpose designed to store anglers baits which are stored in liquid, like particles, Nut or Spod Mix ect. The Puredlo Bait System features a revolutionary Lift, Twist and Stack process to drain off the liquid when accessing the contents, this feature is especially handy when Spodding/Spombing where the angler doesn't want to get covered in spod mix juice, also getting it all over the floor inviting rats and other pests into your swim. Once you have finished spodding or spombing simply twist the Pure Flow System back around so it fits back into the Trakker 17LTR Olive Square Container to keep your particles or Spod mix fresh while you are on your session. When you have used all your Particle mix the oily liquid which is left can be frozen and kept as carp love the stuff. The liquid can be used for pre soaking and washing out boilies, rehydrating air dried boilies and even adding it to your method mix, thus reducing liquid wateage.

   As stated earlier, the Trakker Pureflo System has been designed to be used with the Trakker 17LTR Olive Square Container Bucket which is sold separately. The Pureflo system has also been designed to withstand freezing temperatures, so if you fill it with particles and have only used part of them during your session, simply snap the lid back on and place the lot back into your freezer until the next time you grace the bank. Just remember to allow the the bait enough time to defrost properly before you attempt you use the system  


  • Patented design

Ideal for:

  • Draining off liquids from any wet baits such as particle mixes prior to use
  • Drainage of freshly-cooked particle baits
  • Separation of bait and liquid to preserved/frozen/stored separately
  • Rehydrating air-dried boilies with liquids, oils, or water
  • Glugging boilies/pellets
  • Soaking/washing out boilies in lake water
  • Preparing pellets with water
  • Secure storage and anti-spill transportation of bait when placed inside our 17LTR Olive Square Container.
  • Protection of baits from rodents and birds when placed inside our 17LTR Olive Square Container.