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Sticky Baits The Krill Active 16mm Pop Ups

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The resounding success of our Active range has spurred an unprecedented demand for new and innovative products. In response, we dedicated extensive efforts to devise a method for crafting pop-up hookbaits that harmonize flawlessly with our Active boilies, all while ensuring the essential buoyancy required for effective rig presentation. After years of tireless work, we are thrilled to introduce the ultimate Active pop-up!

Krill Active pop-ups boast a delicate, airy outer-coating with a perfect neutral buoyancy. This unique feature allows you to expertly counterbalance your pop-ups before casting, ensuring your hookbait maintains its optimal position for extended periods, even days if needed. Once submerged, the outer coating dissolves gradually, descending in a tantalizing flutter to the lakebed, enveloping your hookbait in a captivating halo of attraction that harmonizes seamlessly with our Krill Active boilies.

Available exclusively in 16mm sizes, these hookbaits are ideal for robust presentations like the Chod or Hinge rigs, yet they also lend themselves beautifully to more delicate setups such as the Ronnie or Multi rig. It's time to elevate your pop-up game to unparalleled heights!