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Sticky Baits Pure Tuna Hydro

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Pure Tuna Hydrolysate: Unleash the Attraction

Harvested from the bountiful Pacific Ocean, our Pure Tuna Hydrolysate boasts an amino profile on par with the legendary L-Zero 30. As a completely raw and ultra-soluble product, it offers a superior food source for fish due to its low fat and high soluble, digestible proteins. The abundance of palatable amino acids makes it a magnetic attractor for carp and other species alike.

With endless possibilities, Pure Tuna is a versatile ally in your fishing arsenal. Use it to glug or soak pellets and boilies, incorporate it into PVA bags, stick mixes, spod mixes, and groundbait, or enhance your boilies at the mixing stage.

Key Features: • Rich in attractive amino acids, drawing fish in with ease • Completely raw and undiluted, preserving its natural potency • Packed with soluble, digestible proteins, making it a wholesome food source • Perfect for use as a bait soak or in PVA bags, providing a powerful attraction for your fishing endeavors.

Unlock the captivating power of Pure Tuna Hydrolysate and elevate your fishing game. Whether you're targeting carp or various species, this premium product is a game-changer in attracting and enticing fish to your bait. Embrace the versatility and effectiveness of Pure Tuna and watch your fishing success soar to new heights.