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Sticky Baits Pure Squid Hydro

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Pure Squid Hydrolysate: Unleash the Power of Whole Fresh Squid

Harnessing the essence of whole fresh squid, our Pure Squid Hydrolysate stands out as a premium liquid with one of the highest protein concentrations among marine organisms. With its low-fat content and remarkable solubility, it emerges as one of the most nutritious and effective liquids in the fishing realm. Its completely natural flavour profile triggers an irresistible feeding response from all fish species.

The potential uses for this liquid are limited only by your imagination, and its thick consistency makes it an excellent spod mix additive and a perfect liquid for hookbait dips or adding to PVA bags. Additionally, thanks to its naturally high salt content, boilies soaked in Pure Squid Hydro will remain preserved for extended periods, making it an ideal choice for long sessions in hot weather.

Key Features: • Low fat and high in soluble protein, providing essential nutrients for fish • Completely raw and undiluted, preserving its potent properties • Ideal for year-round use, ensuring consistent success in all conditions • Perfect for use as a bait soak or in PVA bags, optimizing attraction and bites.

Embrace the exceptional power of Pure Squid Hydrolysate and enhance your fishing game. Whether you're targeting a wide range of species or focusing on specific ones, this nutrient-rich liquid is your go-to solution for triggering intense feeding responses. Embrace its versatility and let Pure Squid Hydro elevate your angling success to new heights.