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Sticky Baits Pure Shrimp Liquid

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Pure Shrimp Liquid is at the other end of the spectrum to Pure Fish, it has a deep red colour and is much thinner, which helps it to create a cloud in the water. As the name suggests, it’s made using shrimp and anyone who is into their nutritional make-up, and particularly amino acids will know that the whole family that shrimps are included in are right up there with the best profiles of any creature. As such, you will be hard-pressed to find a more attractive and more soluble liquid than Pure Shrimp.

High in amino acids Thanks to the rich flavourings and natural salts of Pure Fish Liquid, it is packed with many amino acids which are known to be irresistible to carp.

Highly Soluble - All of our liquids are designed to be super soluble, ensuring they release attraction into the water column for the carp to find. Pure Fish Liquid creates a perfect haze around it boosting the attraction for the carp.

PVA Friendly - For ease of use, our Pure Fish Liquid is PVA friendly, allowing you to add another dimension to your baiting approach.