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Sticky Baits Pure Sardine Hydro

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Sardines, known for their richness in oil and nutrients, offer an abundance of attraction in this Pure Sardine Hydrolysate. This thick liquid, naturally abundant in protein, Omega-3 fats, and salt, presents an ideal solution for various angling pursuits, from carp fishing to predator angling.

Enriched with amino acids and boasting a distinct fishy flavor, this liquid serves as an excellent bait soak for a range of baits, including boilies, pellets, and particles. Its high viscosity also makes it an effective bait dip, adhering to surfaces upon contact. Despite its thickness, the Sardine Hydrolysate remains highly soluble, ensuring its usability throughout the year.

Key Features:

  • Abundant in protein and natural salts
  • Raw and undiluted formulation
  • Rich in soluble fats and Omega-3
  • Suitable for use as a bait soak or in PVA bags