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Sticky Baits Krill Boilies

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Sticky Baits Krill boilies have to be one of the most popular fishing baits out there when it comes to catching carp and it seems to be very good at attracting large carp. I put this down to the makeup of the bait's profile due to the Pure Krill that is added to the base mix. Krill has been proven to be one of the best natural flavours out there which are packed full of stimulants that the carp just love. When using the bait and the boilies are slowly breaking down in the water they start to release the different triggers into the water columns that tell any fish in the surrounding area that there is food nearby, so if there's more than one this can cause a feeding frenzy on your baited area.

  When developing this bait the guys at Sticky came up with a food source specifically designed to suit the carp's dietary needs. In doing this they have used twenty-five different ingredients including a couple of secret ingredients that they are keeping to themselves because they give the Krill Boilies a massive edge. In doing so they have made this premium bait irresistible to carp and other fish species that they just hunt it down to find it.

  The Krill Bait is available in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm in 1kg bags or 5kg bags and has a host of Pop-Ups , Wafters, and Pellets to accompany the bait.