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Sonubaits Hemp Seed Tinned

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Our special cooking process ensures none of the natural oils, sugars or attractants are lost from our purposely selected large hempseed and also gives a very high split rate, giving you perfectly cooked; ready to use hemp.

Hemp has always been a fantastic fish attracting bait whether used by itself or added to groundbait or pellets to create an area for fish to home in on and graze over.

As well as a quality feed when targering large carp, our tinned hemp has become increasingly popular with anglers targeting roach and other silverfish on natural venues. The nicely split kernals can be hooked from the tin and are easily grouped with a catapult due to their even size.

Using the same high quality hempseed as in our Natural Hemp, Sonubaits Krill Hemp is perfect for all species of fish with the extra scent and attraction and of added krill, Perfect for use on heavily fished venues where the fish have a liking for fishmeal baits and particles.