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Sonik Dominator X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker Rod

by Sonik
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Introducing the revolutionary DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod, a true game-changer that pushes the boundaries of performance and value within the carp fishing realm. This cutting-edge rod has undergone significant advancements to deliver unrivaled capabilities at an astonishing price point.

Crafted from high modulus 1K woven carbon fibre, the DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod boasts a sleek gloss finish that not only catches the eye but also exudes quality and durability. The incorporation of our multi-directional tip section carbon lay-up further enhances casting accuracy and facilitates a rapid recovery, ensuring your bait or marker finds its intended destination with pinpoint precision.

Designed with the modern angler in mind, the DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod features a smooth progressive casting action that allows for effortless launches of leads and PVA bags to extreme distances. Equally adept at taming hard-fighting carp in close-quarters combat, this rod provides the control and power necessary to dominate any angling situation you encounter.

The slim and lightweight blank of the DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod epitomizes the latest advancements in carp fishing tactics. Engineered to meet the demands of the most discerning anglers, this rod ensures you stay ahead of the game. Whether you're employing cutting-edge spodding techniques or meticulously mapping out your swim with precise marker work, the DOMINATOR X RS is your ultimate tool for success.

The butt and lower tip sections of the rod are constructed from full 1K woven carbon, showcasing a sleek and minimalist design that exudes elegance and functionality. The inclusion of the DPS-18 reel seat, featuring a stealth black anodized finish, guarantees a secure and comfortable connection between your reel and the rod. The slim shrink wrap handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring fatigue-free fishing sessions, while the laser-etched butt cap adds a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetics.

Equipped with super-light M-SERIES DL black guides, the DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod offers optimum line flow and reduced friction during both casting and retrieval. The lightweight low-profile double-leg black SIC guides and anti-frap tip further enhance casting performance and minimize the risk of line tangling, even in challenging conditions. The 12' and 13' models boast a 50mm ringing pattern, maximizing casting distance and accuracy.

To accommodate big pit reels, the DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod features the Sonik black 18mm DPS reel seat, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the rod and your preferred reel choice. The understated cosmetics of this rod exude a sense of sophistication and simplicity, making it a standout on the bank.

To further enhance the user experience, the DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod is equipped with a line-friendly custom contoured Sonik line clip, facilitating efficient line management during intense fishing sessions. The slim Japanese shrink-wrap butt grip provides exceptional comfort and control, enabling you to maintain a firm hold on the rod for hours on end. The black anodized collars and laser-etched butt cap, adorned with the iconic 'S' logo, add the perfect finishing touch to this exceptional rod.

With its unparalleled features and impressive capabilities, the DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod sets a new standard in carp angling excellence. Prepare to elevate your fishing experience to new heights with a rod that combines advanced technology, superior materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. The DOMINATOR X RS Hybrid Spod & Marker rod is the ultimate tool for success on the water, delivering unmatched performance and value to the dedicated carp angler.

  • High modulus carbon fibre blank with 1k wrap gloss finish
  • Multi-directional tip section carbon lay-up for increased accuracy
  • Super-light M-SERIES DL black guides
  • Lightweight low-profile double-leg black SIC guides and anti-frap tip
  • 50mm ringing pattern on 12’ & 13’ models
  • Sonik black 18mm DPS reel seat to house all big pit reels
  • Understated cosmetics
  • Line-friendly custom contoured Sonik line clip
  • Slim Japanese shrink-wrap butt grip
  • Black anodised collars and butt cap laser etched with ‘S’ logo