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Sonik Bank-Tek Unhooking Cradle

by Sonik
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Introducing the Sonik Ban-Tek Unhooking Cradle, designed to prioritize the safety and well-being of carp during handling. Crafted with a durable HD PVC fish-friendly lining, this cradle ensures maximum protection for your catch.

Featuring a compact folding design, this cradle is easy to transport and set up, making it ideal for anglers on the move. The extra-thick base padding provides additional cushioning and support for the fish.

Velcro tabs secure the side walls, ensuring the cradle remains stable during use, while the calming and protective retention flap adds an extra layer of security. The flap includes a mesh inspection panel, allowing you to monitor the fish without causing unnecessary stress.

With a mesh base for quick drainage of excess water, this cradle helps maintain optimal conditions for the fish. Its dimensions of W96 D52 H22CM ensure ample space for most carp species, while its transport size of L98 D25CM makes it convenient to carry to and from your fishing spot.