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Solar Tackle A1 Ground Pod (4" & 6" Legs)

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Crafted from top-tier black anodised aluminium, the Solar Tackle A1 Ground Pod combines premium materials and Solar's distinct design. This sleek pod outshines its competitors in its price range. The key components, including the blocks and the main bar, are precision-machined from anodised aluminium and built with an integrated anti-twist mechanism within the tubing for optimal stability.

Incredibly compact, the Ground Pod can be effortlessly stowed in the provided carry case, making it an ideal choice for those on the move. It easily fits inside your rucksack or carryall, ensuring convenience during transportation. The Ground Pod is available in two versions: one with 4-inch and 6-inch uprights, and another with 6-inch and 9-inch uprights. The versatile main boss is compatible with all A1 banksticks, enabling you to customize the pod's height to suit various angling scenarios.

Both versions come complete with a pair of 3-rod buzz bars, making it a comprehensive and adaptable choice for your angling setup. With its secure, goal-post buzz bar attachment and adjustable height, the Solar Tackle A1 Ground Pod is a reliable and versatile addition to any angler's equipment. The anodised aluminium blocks proudly feature the Solar logo and maintain compatibility with all A1 Banksticks, allowing for further customization. The Ground Pod is thoughtfully supplied in a zipped A1 carry bag equipped with external pockets for added practicality. It weighs 1.5kg and includes 12-inch and 13.5-inch buzz bars, providing a complete and adaptable solution for your angling needs.


- Premium, black annodized aluminium
- Anti-twist, adjustable main bar
- Secure, goal-post buzz bar attachment
- Supplied with a pair of 3-rod buzz bars
- Two versions available; supplied with 4” and 6” uprights or 6”and 9”uprights
- Adjustable height
- Annodised, aluminium blocks sporting Solar logo - Compatible with all A1 Banksticks, and so can be customised
Supplied in a zipped, A1 carry bag with external pockets

- Weight: 1.5kg
- 12 inch and 13.5 inch buzz bars